Step by step

Rome, Noodle’s homeland, wasn’t built in a day.

Likewise, it took the ravioli road centuries to link its many people together. It does twists and turns, separates, rejoins, suddenly, it stops, returns on its paces, takes a detour… and stretches over 90000km through about 50 countries.


Ravioli Man will thus proceed by steps, chopping the Ravioli Road in small bits.

First expedition: Southern Europe


From August to November 2015, Ravioli Man explored the road between France et Turkey, through Italy and the Balkans, to observe always stranger dumplings: stuffed with rice, almonds, mashed potatoes, pumpkin, rum and raisins, and more


Second expedition: South East Asia

From January to March 2017, Ravioli Man takes us on the other end of the Ravioli road to observe many amazing dumplings: fluffy, flowery, gingery, shrimpy…

On the Long run…

At some point, Ravioli Man will raise funds to explore the Ravioli Road from one end to the other to bring you ever fresh dumplings. Tag along with Ravioli Man by leaving an email address on the right column, you’ll receive news from him as he goes along and never miss ravioli again.


Make sure to pass the platter to your neighbors and friends.

Buddha is believed to have said “a shared raviolo never decreases”. Spread ravioli love around you and you’ll get your fill. Go ahead and like the Ravioli Road Facebook page  and share the posts you liked. The world deserves more ravioli…

Bon appétrip!