Romantic Cuisine

It’s hard to keep in touch with the many amazing people we meet on a travel. Daily routine can’t freeze the extraordinary, made of chances, laughters, of incredible, of unexpected… But if the welcome is sweet, departure is bitter. We’d like to see the moment last.


That’s why sometimes, before to hit the road again, I ask people for their favorite recipe. In exchange, I give them mine. Most of the time, these recipes are inventive, unsuspectable, delicious, but also easy to perform: made of hazard, laughters, of incredible, of unexpected… Some of them became classics: Meral’s tomato and garlic soup, Shaheen’s chicken and shrimp curry, Irakli’s bitter plum sauce, Lulu’s bitter peaches…

Furtive encounters, became eternal friendships, we now meet regularly at the table.

Within time, I got myself quite an address book. This allows me to keep my encounters with me, to visit them through their tastes. I think about them when I prepare their food, I recall our adventures, and sometimes, I tell the story to those who compliment this romantic cuisine. Then only does the extraordinary takes over daily routine.


Let’s get down to ravioli
Determined to explore the great Ravioli Road, I’m about to make loads of encounters. Imagine the tremendous variety of food, prepared by the people of Germany, Afghanistan, Bielorussia, Japan, Croatia, China, Estonia, France, Hungary, Georgia, Italy, Azerbaijan, Lettonia, Kyrghistan, Nepal, Lithuania, Tcheck republic, Slovakia, Tibet, Russia, Israel, and many more. Not mentioning fellow travellers met on the road…

More than just recipes!

The soul of a dish is before all in the hands of its inventor. That’s why I care to also tell you the story of those who cherish these recipes: who they are, how we met, what we talked about…. Thus, you’ll be travelling with me along the ravioli road, without even leaving your kitchen.

By lulu

Amuses bouche
As a pretaste, I share here the recipes collected during the Pre-Taste, our first expedition on the ravioli road, between France and Turkey, through the Balkans and Italy.

  • Hervé’s ravioli gratin, in Romans sur Isère
  • Lulu’s bitter sweet peaches, in Savona
  • Gain Dominico’s orange sea bream, in Bolonna
  • Maria’s mad rice with mushroom and leak, from the ferry boat to Chios
  • Nicola’s pasta integral, in Cesme
  • Selma’s lentil puffs with sesame, in Izmir
  • Akhmed the Sirian tailor from Basmane’s stuffed eggplant
  • Sheval’s Italian biscuits, in çanakkale
  • Isaacs Hippy sandwich, on the coast of the Black sea
  • Sabrina’s Summer rolls, on the old border
  • Romeo’sEggs, on the old border
  • Piotr’s the boatman’ stew, in Okhrid
  • Youssouf’s Pie, by the pyramid of Tirana
  • Liudmila’s rice and fish stock from Trogir
  • Mariana’s bitter red beat sirup

Bon appétrip!

3 thoughts on “Romantic Cuisine

  1. I am looking forward to the recipes you list here, as well as the stories that go with them!
    Thank you for following me. I hope you try my gluten-free version of your favorite dish 😉


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