Second Exploration: South East Asia

Our first Exploration led us to southern Europe, the west end of the Ravioli Road: to discover many pasta, each more surprising than the other: filled with rice, mashed potatoes, nuts and sherry, cheese, sugar and lemon, pumping and almonds…

This second Exploration thus leads us to the other end of the Ravioli Road: South East Asia. This will be the occasion to oppose the pasta we find there to those observed in Europe and see if they really come from different worlds.

For this first encounter of the region, let’s limit our search to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, where amazing stuffed pasta lived through troubled times :

img_5932-1Vietnam: The country has a rich and delicate gastronomy where pasta is a central element. There are dumplings there of course, yet no one really seems to know whether they are an input from Chinese culture or a national tradition.

Cambodia: No sign of dumplings in the traditional khmer cuisine. Could it be a black hole on the Ravioli Road? Whay was the region spared? Only one way to know, explore!

Thailand: Thai food is subtil, graceful, inventive, well balanced, delicious… dumplings were no left behind. Discover there one of a kind ravioli.

Just a quick overview

We only have little time to explore this time, and so little knowledge of the cultures and languages. In due time, we’ll seize more occasions to explore regional gastronomies. There are dumplings in Bhutan, Burma, Laos, Indonesia… Sign up for the blog to never miss ravioli again.

Bon Appétrip!



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