Ravioli Road

For centuries, the many people of Europe and Asia, evolved at their own fashion, each developing its own system of values and customs. Yet! They all love ravioli. All of them! From Japan and Thailand to France. Along a mythical axis: The Ravioli Road.


Nothing proves that stuffed dough conquered its territory on its own, as claimed by the myth of the Original Raviolo. But imagine! If all the dumplings in the world could hold hands for a minute, they would make a path for peace across Asia and Europe.bandeau

Binding people by the belly.

All we know is that at some point of the story, the ravioli people decided to put sauce and garnish inside their pasta rather than out.

Dark time for a ravioliDon’t see here the sign of demonic possession, they had good motives. This was the origin of a rich cross cultural heritage gathering countless traditions, recipes, techniques, philosophies and flavors.

Each treat crossed centuries, held like a treasure, from generations to generations, priceless family secrets.

Now. At the time of canned ravioli, fast foods, and connected refrigerators, what’s left of stuffed dough? That’s what Ravioli Man aims to discover, trailing the Original Raviolo on its lands.


The road is to vast to be explored in one go, especially when Ravioli Man has not budget, he is just a plastic figure… He will thus chop the Ravioli road according to specific cultural regions. As many mouthwatering safari to document the whys and hows of dough stuffing.


A shared raviolo never decreases

Buddha said so… Or at least that was the point. Pass the dish around to your friends and neighbors. Let them enjoy duplings too. Their will be enough for everybody you know. Just subscribe to the blog (top right collum) and shout out your love for stuffed dough on Facebook 

You’ll never miss ravioli again!


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