Hi Everybody!

I’m Thomas, 33, French and I find stuffed dough just amazing!

As a young boy, I already liked them well. My favorite kind was Torti. Later on, life just kept sowing it on my way. In Russia, in Afghanistan, in Turkey. Crossing such a familiar dish in those exotic destinations struck me…

Everything started in 2005

Départ Moscou 2006

I had travelled to Moscow to complete my education in Russian at the University of People’s Friendship,(Yes there is a university for that). That’s where I encountered alien stuffed dough for the first time : Pilmeni as they called them. Of course back then, we’d feed on industrial frozen pasta, stuffed with pork meat, that every good round the clock stores sell.

None the less, I learnt much about these ravioli:

  • Pilmeni are a commun treat from Moscou to Vladivostok
  • Pilmeni are filled with bear meat in the snowy plains of Siberia
    • 3.5 once of Pilmeni can keep a wounded man alive durring a year without water nor food
      • Pilmeni provide more power than elephant meat, and more courage than lion blood
  • Pilmeni terminate vodka bathed nights with dignity and glamour
  • Finally, one should NOT marry a girl incapable of fixing them properly

On this topic, I met with a ravishing Kalmout girl who made the most delicious Pozi. Our love was impossible though, I also liked Khimkali and she was of dreadful jealousy. One night she caught me at birthday party in a Georgian restaurant, the mouth full of the delicious, juicy dough. It was more our love could bare… But I don’t regret a thing. It was so good!

Heading back to France after a studious year, I made a detour through Kaboul. What a surprise to run into Mantou? Flat ravioli covered with yogurt and butter. Improbable delicacy to find in a world which I thought was made of war, dust and hatred only.IMG_3062

Then I stopped in Turkey to visit a friend. There again! Oh Splendor! I found more ravioli! Small, delicately folded, similar to star destroyers of the empire in Star Wars.

Départ du raviolo originel Departure of the original raviolo

Why was stuffed dough following me? Or maybe was I just on its track… Where did it come from? How did it get there?

Had it traveled like suggests the myth of the original raviolo?

Did it appear here and there by incidence?

More importantly, did the rest of the world know about that?!

Without even knowing it, I dream planed a fabulous expedition: Ravioli Road.

The sole fact that stuffed dough gathers such a great number of people, cultures and traditions fascinates me. To think the Media give of them a picture rather remote, obscure, sometimes even frightening… Ravioli gave a nice shine to those cultures I was already curious about.


Summer 2016, ten years later,  I seized the opportunity of old friends’ wedding in Izmir, to chase stuffed dough between France and Turkey, through Italy and the Balkans.

This incredible safari led me to observe a dozen specialties in their natural habitat, each of which, stranger than the other: stuffed with rice, mashed potatoes, rhum, wild herbs, honey, yoghurt, or to eat with tea…

ravioli-man-5Back in France from his pretaste trip, I took shelter in the beautiful light house of Cordouan, where I proudly work as a keeper. That’s where RavioliRoad Broadcasts from.

Between two tides, I also plan RavioliRoad’s second phase: a second expedition to further explore the Ravioli Road.

Help yourself and pass the dish to your neighbours

Lord Buddha said something like “A shared raviolo never decreases.” Or at least that was the point… There are share buttons at the bottom of every post, use them and spread dumplings words of peace around. And if you fear people might not leave you any, drop an adresse at the top of the collum to your right. You will never miss ravioli again. And don’t leave the table without shouting your love for stuffed dough on Facebook

Bon appétrip!



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