France: Ravioles

raviole 4

Starting point or finish line, Ravioli Road passes through East of France, where many stuffed dough specimen live: ravioli, ravioles and knepfla.

Then, the road starts its long journey towards Far East.

Up North, it crosses south Germany, land of Maultashens.

Down south, it does twists and turns in northern Italy, depository of countless stuffed pasta.

Ravioles du Dauphiné: an endangered pasta

Ravioles are little ravioli like ribbed pasta squares of about half an inch large, very similar to ravioli. Yet, in Romans sur Isère, world raviole capital city, you should know they are nothing similar. 

IMG_2006Traditionally, ravioles were a fasting dish prepared by ravioleuses, traveling women crafters for catholic holidays, like easter or Christmass.

The 21st century brought it to tables all over France, available in the cold department of super markets, stuffed with the most inventive ingredients, to be cooked in not even a minute for the most hurried appetites. There is no stopping progress.

Let’s look more in details…

This is just a pre-taste.

Should RavioliRoad get concreat, we will ride on to the many other ravioles nations of France. Indeed, Alsace, Drome, Nice region, Monaco and Corsica also have a mouth full of their raviole. Some call them Ravioles, others ravioli or Knepfle, enought to keep our gourmand minds busy.

Until then, the Pre-Taste trip keeps a few surprises for us. Bon appétrip!



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