France: Ravioles

Traditionally, ravioles were a fasting dish prepared by ravioleuses, traveling women crafters for catholic holidays, like easter or Christmass.

The 21st century brought it to tables all over France, available in the cold department of super markets, stuffed with the most inventive ingredients, to be cooked in not even a minute for the most hurried appetites. There is no stopping progress. … More France: Ravioles

First Exploration: Southern Europe

August 2015, departure time!

I just got my friend Ümit on the phone, he’s getting married in a month in Izmir. I throw a mattress in the trunk of the the RavioMobile and ride east towards the Turkish coast.
On the way, we’ll make stops to power up, trying out improbable ravioli, each stranger than the other: stuffed with rice, mashed potatoes, rhum, yoghourt, honey or wild herbs… … More First Exploration: Southern Europe

Hi Everybody!

I’m Thomas, 33, French and I find stuffed dough just amazing!

As a young boy, I already liked them well. My favorite kind was Torti. Later on, life just kept sowing it on my way. In Russia, in Afghanistan, in Turkey. Crossing such a familiar dish in those exotic destinations struck me… … More Hi Everybody!

Ravioli Road

For centuries, the many people of Europe and Asia, evolved at their own fashion, each developing its own system of values and customs. Yet! They all love ravioli. All of them! From Japan and Thailand to France. Along a mythical axis: The Ravioli Road. … More Ravioli Road